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Tax Planning and Preparation

Just as taxes are a certainty in life, changes in the tax law are also a certainty. At Miller & Associates, P.C., we stay current with those changes by using up-to-date computerized tax services and seminars, along with other more traditional reference resources. Internet access allows us to obtain documents and information directly from the IRS and other sources. This knowledge is then applied for our clients' best advantage.

Tax Planning and Preparation Services

While we routinely prepare tax returns for individuals and businesses (corporations, partnerships, and not-for-profit organizations), our expertise also includes trust, estate, employee benefit and gift tax returns. But we don't stop there with just complying with the law -- we believe a properly prepared tax return actually starts with timely tax planning.

From the perspective of a business, planning not only includes using current and pending tax law to each client's advantage, but to also determine what entity type is best suited (sole proprietorship, partnership, or incorporation as either a C or S corporation, or entities such as LLC and LLP) for each client's circumstances.

Planning for individuals entails such issues as minimizing both short term and long term tax liabilities, appropriate estate planning, and in some cases, separation and divorce tax planning.

Should the need arise, we are able to provide skilled services related to both IRS and the State of Michigan in cases of an audit or negotiating a payment plan or offer in compromise.

At Miller & Associates, P.C., we take special care of our clients' tax needs. For more information on our tax planning and preparation services, please e-mail us at or call (734) 971-3900.

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